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Exploring the World of Minibeasts: Calne Music and Arts Festival Children's Art Competition 2023

The annual Calne Music and Arts Festival is a celebration of creativity that brings together talented artists of all ages from the local community. This year, the festival introduced a delightful twist by inviting the youngest members of the community to participate in the Children's Art Competition, centered around the theme of "Minibeasts."

Over the summer, children had the opportunity to unleash their creativity, showcasing their artistic talents in a celebration of the miniature wonders of the natural world.

To set the stage for this captivating event, a series of free art workshops were organized at St. Margaret's School, guided by the skilled hand of Art Teacher, Konstantina Paroussi. These workshops were not only an opportunity for children to hone their artistic skills but also a chance to gain valuable insights into the world of minibeasts, fostering an appreciation for the little creatures that often go unnoticed.

Unlocking Creativity Through Workshops

The workshops were an ideal platform for young aspiring artists to learn about minibeasts, understand their significance in the ecosystem, and draw inspiration for their art. Ms. Paroussi, with her passion for art and teaching, played a pivotal role in nurturing the children's creativity.

The children were encouraged to explore various mediums, from collage to colored pencils, and experiment with different techniques to depict the intricate beauty of minibeasts. They learned how to capture the textures and details of these tiny creatures, from the delicate wings of butterflies to the armored exoskeletons of beetles.

The Children's Art Competition Unleashed

As the summer days turned to autumn, the young artists submitted their masterpieces for the Children's Art Competition. The entries ranged from beautifully detailed drawings of ladybugs and bumblebees to imaginative and colorful depictions of fictional minibeasts. The competition showcased the immense talent and boundless creativity of Calne's youth.

Each entry was a testament to the dedication of the children and their newfound appreciation for minibeasts. Judges (Nina Slater from the Calne Music & Arts Festival, and representatives from the prizegivers Artway) had the challenging task of selecting the winners, as each piece was a unique expression of the theme.

Celebrating the Winners and Future Artists

The festival culminated in awards given out on the Family Day, where the winners of the Children's Art Competition were in attendance. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the top artists, but every participant was celebrated for their hard work and artistic growth.

This competition not only provided a stage for children to express themselves but also fostered a sense of responsibility and curiosity towards the natural world. The young artists learned that even the smallest creatures play an essential role in our environment, and their art celebrated these often-overlooked wonders.

Artway Prizes

Artway is a provider of art materials, technical drawing equipment and other creative supplies for students, institutions and the wider artistic public. Based in Melksham, Wiltshire, they have over 20 years of experience in supplying high quality arts and crafts supplies at competitive prices with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

Artway not only kindly judged this competition but also award each of the three winners with a pack full of high quality art materials so that they can continue in their artistic endeavours.


Three winners were selected (pictured from left to right below)

Freddie Graham - age 9

Quinn Akers - age 8

Shiya Wang - age 10

As we look forward to the next Calne Music and Arts Festival, we can only anticipate more fantastic opportunities for young artists to shine and explore new themes, inspirations, and their own creative potential.

The Children's Art Competition, with its theme of "Minibeasts" and the guidance of Ms. K Paroussi's workshops, demonstrated the power of art to inspire, educate, and bring the community together. It is a reminder that creativity knows no boundaries, and even the smallest creatures can spark the biggest imaginations.

Thank you to each and every one of the entrants - you are all incredibly talented - we look forward to seeing your work again next year!

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